top 10 commercial gardening companies in melbourne

Top 10 Commercial Gardening Companies in Melbourne

Melbourne, frequently commended for its cultural riches and architectural beauty, takes great pride in its lush gardens and parks. These natural places, whether private or public, require skilled hands to keep them flowering.

With so many firms offering lawn maintenance services, how can you know which ones are the best? Fret not, for this blog post is dedicated to introducing you to the top 10 garden maintenance maestros in Melbourne.

From their horticultural prowess to their impeccable service standards, discover what makes these companies stand out.

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    Must Have Maintenance

    must have maintenance

    Must Have Maintenance is a renowned name in Melbourne, offering top-tier garden maintenance services tailored to both residential and commercial clients. For homeowners, they understand the challenges of juggling work and personal commitments, leaving little time for garden care. Whether you're looking to revamp your garden or require regular upkeep, their team is equipped to handle all your needs. 

    Business-wise, they understand the significance of a spotless exterior area in promoting a positive company image. They make sure business premises have a good first impression by maintaining the lawn and bushes.

    Commercial Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing, edge trimming, and mulching.
    • Pruning of trees, bushes, and shrubs.
    • Hedge trimming, weed removal, and spraying.
    • Aeration of garden beds and lawns.
    • Leaf blowing, vacuuming, and removal of garden trimmings.

    Phone: 1300 687 846

    Vertical Gardens Australia

    vertical gardens australia

    Vertical Gardens Australia specializes in transforming commercial spaces with innovative green wall and vertical garden designs. They offer a range of services to bring the beauty of nature into various business environments, enhancing the aesthetics and air quality of indoor spaces. Their systems are designed to be low maintenance, utilizing less water than traditional pot plants, and are suitable for a variety of commercial settings, from large atriums to small offices or hotel rooms. With over 60 plant variations and custom designs, they provide full end-to-end service, including initial design, installation, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the vertical gardens thrive in any setting.

    Their services are particularly tailored for commercial spaces that may face challenges such as limited natural light, space constraints, or the need for water control. Vertical Gardens Australia prides itself on being an Australian-made and designed service, offering solutions that not only improve the visual appeal of a space but also contribute to better mood and productivity through improved acoustics and air quality. They also offer rental options for events, providing an extra touch of elegance and nature.

    Services Offered:

    • Custom design and installation of vertical gardens for commercial spaces
    • Ongoing maintenance services for living green walls
    • Rental of vertical gardens for events and parties
    • Collaboration with architects, landscape architects, and interior designers
    • Engineer-certified construction drawings and plant selection
    • Plant establishment in their nursery prior to installation

    Phone: (03) 9429 1999

    A Quality Cut

    a quality cut

    A Quality Cut offers top-tier commercial gardening services in Melbourne, ensuring businesses make a lasting impression before clients step inside. Recognising the importance of a well-maintained exterior for businesses, they provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of commercial spaces. 

    From walkways, decks, and parking areas to gardens, their team of professional gardeners, equipped with the latest tools, ensures that every project is executed perfectly. Their commitment to excellence and years of experience have made them a trusted name in commercial gardening, guaranteeing results that meet and exceed client expectations.

    Services Offered:

    • Comprehensive garden and yard beautification.
    • Professional trimming and taming of commercial exteriors.
    • Maintenance of walkways, pathways, decks, and parking areas.
    • Services tailored for both small offices and large warehouses.
    • Efficient handling of diverse outdoor areas requiring gardening services.

    Phone: 0425 288 789 / 0410 634 007

    First Choice Property Care

    first choice property care

    First Choice Property Care has established itself as a leading provider of property maintenance services in Melbourne. They are committed to excellence and offer a wide range of services catering to residential and commercial properties. 

    Their team, led by founder Luke, brings close to 15 years of experience in landscaping, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and passion. From landscaping transformations to decking, paving, and garden maintenance, they provide solutions that enhance a space's aesthetics and add value and functionality.

    Services Offered:

    • Landscaping: Tailored solutions that match clients' ideas, lifestyles, tastes, and budgets.
    • Decking: Creation of outdoor decking areas for both residential and commercial spaces.
    • Paving: Functional and aesthetic paving solutions for outdoor areas.
    • Hedging & Tree Removal: Maintenance of all shrubs, bushes, small trees, and garden hedges.
    • Real Estate Pre-Sale Makeover: Transforming outdoor areas to add value to property sales.
    • Garden Maintenance: Services for residential, and commercial properties, schools, businesses, real estates, and body corporates.
    • Domestic & Commercial Cleaning: High-level cleaning services with ECO-friendly options available.

    Phone: 0400 080 937

    MFS Landscaping

    mfs landscaping

    MFS Landscaping, based in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, is a dedicated team passionate about bringing garden dreams to life. With a commitment to excellence, they offer a wide array of landscaping and gardening services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. 

    Eddie, the head green thumb at MFS Landscaping, has been working in the landscaping and gardening industry for the past nine years, serving Melbourne's North and West regions. Whether it's landscape design, garden maintenance, or specialized concreting, the team at MFS Landscaping ensures that every project is executed with precision, passion, and professionalism.

    Services Offered:

    • Landscape Design
    • Garden Beds Creation
    • Lawn Mowing & Edge Trimming
    • Turf Laying (Natural & Artificial)
    • Concreting
    • Water Systems Installation
    • Fencing
    • Garden Maintenance (Including racking, trimming, planting, digging, mulching, weeding, lawn repair, and tree lopping)
    • Verandas and Pergolas Construction
    • Decking, Paving, Retaining Walls
    • Fencing & Gates Installation
    • Veranda's & Pergolas Construction
    • Excavation Services (Bobcat & Dingo)
    • Tree Lopping
    • Painting & Staining
    • High-Pressure Cleaning

    Phone: 0406 295 455

    Tasoulis Gardening Maintenance

    tasoulis garden maintenance

    Tasoulis Gardening Maintenance, established in 2020 and based in Pascoe Vale South, Melbourne, offers a wide range of gardening services tailored to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial clients. 

    With a commitment to excellence, they ensure that gardens are not only aesthetically pleasing but also healthy and well-maintained. Whether it's regular lawn mowing, hedge trimming, or seasonal garden clean-ups, Tasoulis Gardening Maintenance provides solutions that cater to all garden needs, ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing
    • Hedge and Trimming
    • Leaf Blowing
    • Mulching
    • Planting
    • Weed Control
    • Vacation Watering
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Residential and Commercial Strata Garden Maintenance and Caretaking
    • Pre-Sale and End of Lease Garden Clean-ups
    • Seasonal Garden Clean-ups
    • Approved Scheme Yard Maintenance Services and more

    Phone: 0419 386 071

    Sir Plantsalot

    sir plantsalot

    Sir Plantsalot, based in Melbourne, is a trusted name in residential landscaping and garden maintenance. With a special focus on smaller spaces, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that every garden is not only aesthetically pleasing but also healthy and well-maintained. 

    Julyan Cassidy, a certified Horticulturist and Landscape Designer, is the proud owner/operator of Sir Plantsalot. Born from a passion for horticulture and a desire to provide tailored, one-to-one home maintenance solutions, Julyan ensures that each space is transformed into exactly what clients envision.

    Services Offered:

    • Garden Maintenance: Including mowing, irrigation, pest control, plant health & nutrition, and general cleaning & maintenance.
    • Landscaping Services: Landscape design, planter boxes/vegetable gardens, paving/decking & garden paths, artificial/real turf installation, and courtyard gardens.

    Phone: 0414 105 109

    Brimbank Mowing & Gardening Services

    brimbank mowing gardening services

    Brimbank Mowing & Gardening Services, based in Melbourne, offers a wide range of lawn and gardening solutions tailored to both commercial and domestic clients. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they ensure that gardens and lawns are aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained. 

    Whether it's regular lawn mowing, landscaping, or hedge trimming, their professionals are equipped to handle all your gardening needs. Their services are designed to transform outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas that homeowners and businesses can be proud of.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing: Commercial and domestic lawn mowing services.
    • Ride on Lawn Mowing: Specializing in commercial and domestic property maintenance.
    • Landscaping: Creating beautiful gardens tailored to client needs.
    • Softscaping: Includes soil topping, mulching, planting, and rock placement.
    • Lawn Maintenance & Repair: Fertilizing, reseeding, and soil top-ups.
    • Hedge Trimming: Shaping plants and hedges to desired sizes.
    • Tree and Rose Pruning: Maintaining trees at preferred heights and sizes.
    • Green Waste Rubbish Removal: Assisting customers with garden waste disposal.
    • Garden Maintenance: Keeping gardens neat and weed-free.
    • Lawn Edging: Providing neat edges for lawns and garden beds.
    • Weeding & Weed Spraying: Ongoing weeding and spraying services.
    • Hard Rubbish Removal: Affordable rubbish removal services, including old mattresses, timber, and tires.

    Phone: 0449 892 527

    Fresh Cut Garden Maintenance

    fresh cut garden maintenance

    Fresh Cut Garden Maintenance, located in Melbourne, is a family-owned business led by Mathew, who brings over 12 years of diverse experience in the gardening and landscaping industry. 

    With a rich family history rooted in gardening, passed down from his Italian grandparents, Mathew and his team are dedicated to transforming gardens, big or small, into beautiful and healthy spaces. Their services encompass a wide range of gardening needs, from basic lawn mowing to intricate landscaping projects. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every garden they tend to reflects their passion and expertise.

    Services Offered:

    • Tree & Shrub Planting: Expert advice and planting services.
    • Garden Weeding/Weed Control: Hand weeding and spraying to maintain garden health.
    • Lawn Mowing and Edging: Regular maintenance for a tidy lawn.
    • Pruning and Hedging: Careful pruning up to a maximum height of 3m.
    • Body Corporate Maintenance: Regular garden maintenance plans for residential complexes.
    • Garden Mulching: Mulching services for a thriving garden throughout the year.
    • General Garden Tidy Up: Comprehensive garden care including trimming, fertilising, and more.
    • Residential & Commercial Services: Tailored solutions for homes and businesses.
    • End of Lease Clean Up: Garden clean-up services for tenants moving out.

    Phone: 0499 369 077

    Giddy Garden Grooming

    giddy garden grooming

    Giddy Garden Grooming, based in Melbourne, offers a comprehensive range of garden maintenance services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Whether you need a regular gardener or a one-time garden tidy-up, Giddy is equipped to transform your yard into a flourishing and inviting space. They emphasise the importance of pruning, tidying up garden debris, weeding, fertilising, and attending to plants that require special care. 

    With a focus on customer satisfaction, Giddy Garden Grooming ensures that every garden they tend to reflects their commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Additionally, they are fully insured, providing clients with peace of mind.

    Services Offered:

    • Clean-ups
    • Fertilising
    • Green Waste Removal
    • Hedge Trimming
    • Herbicides and Pesticides
    • Irrigation Maintenance
    • Lawn Care
    • Mulching
    • Pruning
    • Tree Trimming
    • Weeding

    Phone: +61 414 697 376

    Gardening requires a set of essential tools to ensure proper maintenance and care. The three most important tools are:

    • Pruning Shears: These are used to trim and shape plants, remove dead or damaged branches, and maintain your garden's overall health and aesthetics.
    • Garden Trowel: A garden trowel is handy for digging small holes for planting, transplanting, and weeding. It's a versatile tool that every gardener should have.
    • Watering Can or Hose: Proper watering is vital for the health of your plants. Invest in a good quality watering can or hose to ensure your garden gets the right moisture.

    The frequency of watering your garden depends on several factors, including the weather, soil type, and the types of plants you have. However, in general, you should:

    • Monitor Soil Moisture: Stick your finger about an inch into the soil. If it feels dry at that depth, it's time to water.
    • Early Morning Watering: Water in the early morning to reduce evaporation and allow plants to dry before nighttime, which can prevent diseases.
    • Adjust Based on Weather: During hot, dry spells, you may need to water more frequently. In cooler, rainy periods, you can reduce the frequency.

    Garden pests can be a nuisance, but there are eco-friendly ways to manage them effectively:

    • Companion Planting: Some plants naturally deter pests. For example, marigolds can help repel aphids and nematodes.
    • Biological Pest Control: Introduce natural predators like ladybugs or praying mantises to keep pest populations in check.
    • Organic Pest Sprays: You can use organic pest control sprays from ingredients like neem oil or garlic to deter common garden pests.

    Good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. Here's how to enhance your soil quality:

    • Add Organic Matter: Compost and well-rotted manure improve soil structure, fertility, and water-holding capacity.
    • Mulch: Apply a layer of organic mulch, such as wood chips or straw, to help retain moisture, control weeds, and regulate soil temperature.
    • Soil Testing: Periodically test your soil's pH and nutrient levels. You can then adjust these factors as needed with lime or specific fertilisers.

    Weeds can quickly overtake your garden, so it's essential to take proactive measures to keep them at bay. The three most important strategies are:

    • Mulch: As mentioned earlier, mulch helps with soil quality and acts as a natural weed barrier, preventing weed growth.
    • Hand Pulling: Regularly inspect your garden for weeds and pull them out by hand before they can spread and establish.
    • Use Weed Barrier Fabric: Consider using weed barrier fabric, which you can place under mulch or gravel to block weed growth. This is particularly effective in pathways and around established plants.
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