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Melbourne’s Premier NDIS Gardening Services: Who Made the List?

The National Disability Insurance Service (NDIS) relies heavily on its gardeners and lawn care workers in Melbourne, Victoria to help its participants. These specialised service providers offer lawn mowing and gardening services customised to address the unique needs of NDIS members, in light of the therapeutic and holistic advantages of gardening.

Unlock the green potential of Melbourne, Victoria with our curated list of the 'Top 10 NDIS Gardeners & Lawn Mowers.' These experts do more than just make gardens look nice; they also make sure they are accessible, safe, and therapeutic for those with special needs. Their knowledge of horticulture and ability to meet the needs of those using the NDIS framework hand in hand guarantee that everyone involved gets the most out of their outdoor spaces.

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    Must Have Maintenance

    must have maintenance

    The best Melbourne garden maintenance service is Must Have Maintenance. They have worked in the landscaping industry for over 5 years, completing over 2800 individual projects like mowing lawns, rearranging gardens, and laying new sod. 

    The company takes pride in its competitively priced, high-quality lawn care services. The experts there are dedicated to creating landscapes that serve a purpose beyond aesthetics for their customers. They believe in the worth of a garden and highlight its ability to increase both the aesthetic value and resale price of a home.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing & Gardening
    • Tree Pruning & Care
    • Garden Landscaping & Hedge Trimming
    • Green Waste Removal
    • Gardening Services
    • Hedge Trimming & Pruning
    • Turf Installation
    • Weed Control
    • Garden Landscaping
    • Tree Lopping
    • Garden Planning & Makeover
    • NDIS Home Help Services Provider
    • Approved Worksafe and TAC Services Provider

    Phone: 1300 687 846
    Email: info@musthm.com
    Website: https://musthavemaintenance.com.au/

    E & B Property Maintenance

    e and b property maintenance

    E & B Property Maintenance, based in South East Melbourne, is a professional and reliable provider of gardening and ground maintenance services. Catering to both residential and commercial clients, this family-owned operation is known for its meticulous attention to detail, use of the latest equipment, and eco-friendly practices. With a focus on offering high-quality services, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the region. Whether it's a standard backyard or a large commercial site, E & B Property Maintenance is equipped to handle various outdoor maintenance needs, ensuring spaces are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing: Both hand and ride-on options available.
    • Edging
    • Pruning
    • Planting
    • Hedging
    • Weed Control
    • Garden Clean Ups
    • Garden Rejuvenation
    • Mulching
    • Preparing Sites for Sale

    Phone: 0417 138 944
    Website: https://eandbpropmaint.com.au/

    Nep’s Good Mowing

    neps good mowing

    Nep's Good Mowing offers specialized lawn mowing services in the regions of Bundoora, Thomastown, Mill Park, and Reservoir. The company prides itself on having a dedicated team equipped with mowers, blowers, and trimmers, ready to tackle tasks ranging from grass cutting to trimming overgrown shrubs and small trees. Customers can conveniently enquire about services via text or email and are encouraged to provide pictures of the areas needing work to receive an accurate quotation.

    Services Offered:

    • Grass cutting
    • Lawn mowing
    • Trimming overgrown shrubs
    • Trimming small trees
    • Providing online quotes based on images sent by customers

    Phone: 0478 125 851
    Website: https://nepsgoodmowing.com.au/

    Quality Landscaping Melbourne

    quality landscaping melbourne

    Quality Landscaping Melbourne is a premier landscaping service provider in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs with over 20 years of experience in designing and installing quality landscapes. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, from landscape design and garden maintenance to sustainable landscaping solutions and commercial landscaping. Their team of professionals is dedicated to bringing clients' landscaping ideas to life, ensuring each project is tailored to individual needs and preferences. They emphasise eco-friendly practices, ensuring that landscapes are not only beautiful but also sustainable and environmentally conscious.

    Services Offered:

    • Landscape Design: Tailored designs to transform outdoor spaces.
    • Garden Maintenance: Comprehensive care including lawn mowing, weeding, and more.
    • Garden Renovation: Transforming gardens with sustainable materials and methods.
    • Outdoor Living Spaces: Designing and building alfresco areas, decks, and more.
    • Sustainable Landscape Solutions: Eco-friendly practices and water-efficient gardens.
    • Water Features and Irrigation: Custom water features and efficient irrigation systems.
    • Turf Installation and Management: High-quality turf products and management plans.
    • Plant Selection: Expert advice on choosing the right plants for specific landscapes.
    • Garden Lighting: Illuminating landscapes with LED and ambient lighting.
    • Commercial Landscaping Solutions: Enhancing commercial properties with tailored services.

    Phone: (03) 9988 9109
    Website: https://qualitylandscapingmelbourne.com/



    Mercando is a unique platform dedicated to connecting individuals with independent gardeners who are not only skilled in their craft but are also deeply committed to promoting social and environmental causes within the community. These gardeners support various initiatives, such as assisting people with disabilities, running community gardens, wildlife conservation, sustainable practices, and educational programs. By hiring a gardener through Mercando, clients are not just ensuring the best care for their gardens but are also making a positive impact on their community.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing, edging, and maintenance.
    • Landscaping and design for creative garden transformations.
    • Weeding, pruning, and garden cleanups.
    • Sustainable gardening practices.
    • Specialized services including tree trimming and irrigation.

    Email: info@mercando.com.au
    Website: https://mercando.com.au/

    Five Good Friends


    Five Good Friends emphasises the importance of maintaining both the interior and exterior of one's home. Recognising that some individuals, especially those on a Home Care Package or with an NDIS plan, might face challenges in maintaining their gardens, the organisation offers a suite of light gardening services. These services are designed to ensure that yards remain well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to basic gardening tasks, Five Good Friends also coordinates with prefered partners to offer specialised services, ensuring that every gardening need is addressed.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing
    • Weeding
    • Coordination of professional services such as:
      • Landscaping
      • Gutter maintenance
      • Pool maintenance
      • Rubbish removal

    Phone: 1300 787 581
    Email: hello@fivegoodfriends.com.au
    Website: https://www.fivegoodfriends.com.au/

    Point Care 

    point care

    Point Care offers a comprehensive range of lawn mowing and gardening services tailored to individuals' needs, especially those on the NDIS plan in Rockhampton. Recognising the importance of a well-maintained garden and its impact on one's well-being, the experienced team at Point Care is dedicated to ensuring that gardens are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. From basic lawn mowing to specialised garden bed tending, the team is equipped to handle various gardening tasks, ensuring that clients' outdoor spaces remain in pristine condition.

    Services Offered:

    • General Gardening: Raking, sweeping, debris pickup, and flower watering.
    • Lawn mowing and weed treatment.
    • Plant pruning and trimming.
    • Garden bed tending and edging.
    • Gutter cleaning.
    • Green waste removal.
    • External window cleaning.
    • Fertilising plants.

    Phone: 1800 288 622
    Email: info@pointcare.com.au
    Website: https://pointcare.com.au/

    Bala Mowing

    bala mowing

    Bala Mowing, based in Melbourne's Western Suburbs, has established itself as a trusted name in the lawn mowing and gardening industry. With over five years of experience, the company was founded with the aim to rejuvenate the industry by focusing on experienced, local mowers who understand the Australian market and can deliver quality lawn care. The team at Bala Mowing is deeply passionate about their work, emphasizing the importance of a well-maintained garden for peace of mind and confidence. Their mission revolves around providing top-tier lawn care and gardening services that meet professional standards, all while ensuring affordability for their clients.

    Services Offered:

    • Single Story Gutters
    • Rubbish Removals
    • Garden Maintenance
    • Pruning
    • Hedge Trimming

    Phone: 0414 320 043
    Email: info@balamowing.com.au
    Website: https://balamowing.com.au/

    Dream Big Support Service

    dream big support service Dream Big Support Services offers specialised gardening and lawn mowing services tailored for individuals with disabilities, particularly those under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Toowoomba. Recognising the therapeutic benefits of gardening, Dream Big provides a range of services that go beyond aesthetics, focusing on creating inclusive and accessible outdoor areas that promote independence, well-being, and social interaction. From basic lawn care to comprehensive garden maintenance, Dream Big ensures that individuals with disabilities can enjoy safe, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments that cater to their specific needs and preferences.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing Services: Regular mowing, edging, and trimming to maintain a neat lawn.
    • Gardening Assistance Maintenance: Includes pruning, weeding, mulching, and planting flowers, shrubs, and trees.
    • Accessibility Modifications: Installing ramps, handrails, and pathways to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities.
    • Irrigation and Watering Systems: Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems for optimal plant health.
    • Garden Design and Consultation: Personalised garden plans considering accessibility, sensory elements, and individual interests.
    • Horticultural Therapy: Utilising gardening activities to promote physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

    Phone: (07) 4595 1132
    Email: admin@dreambss.com.au
    Website: https://dreambigsupportservice.com.au/

    Dylan’s Mowing

    dylans mowing

    Dylan's Mowing is a dedicated service provider that offers specialised NDIS gardening services tailored to meet the unique needs of NDIS plan managed participants in the Toowoomba region. Recognising the therapeutic benefits of gardening, the company provides a comprehensive range of garden maintenance tasks, ensuring that NDIS participants can fully enjoy their outdoor spaces without any hassles. With a focus on precision, care, and understanding the individual requirements of each garden, Dylan's Mowing ensures that every service provided is of the highest quality, reflecting the vision and preferences of the garden owner.

    Services Offered:

    • Routine Mowing: Precision mowing to maintain a neat lawn and minimise unwanted pests.
    • NDIS Garden Maintenance: Comprehensive services including pruning, weeding, fertilising, and planting.
    • Special Requests: Catering to specific needs such as tree trimming and acreage mowing.
    • Transparent Pricing: Clear communication of costs upfront, ensuring no unexpected bills.
    • Tailored Solutions: personalised garden maintenance services based on individual needs and preferences.

    Phone: 0420214921
    Website: https://dylansmowing.com/

    Services such as gardening, lawn maintenance, and landscaping are offered to people who are enrolled in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) all around Australia. These programmes are designed to help people with disabilities keep their yards looking nice.

    Check the NDIS website for a list of registered providers to see if a Gardener or Lawn Mowing service is NDIS-approved, or ask the service provider directly. Providers who have been granted NDIS approval will be properly registered and up to code.

    Gardening and lawn mowing are just some of the many services that NDIS gardeners and lawn mowing contractors may perform. It is best to check with the service provider directly to find out the specifics, as they may differ.

    While NDIS participants do have some say in the service providers they work with, they must verify that any provider they choose is registered with the NDIS and provides the services included in their plan.

    If lawn care and gardening are part of your NDIS plan, the NDIS will pay for them. Your plan administrator may have you pay the service provider upfront and then submit a claim for reimbursement from NDIS, or the provider may send an invoice straight to NDIS.

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